Peer Testimonials

What My Clients Are Saying

“I have suffered from nerve pain in my shoulder for over 10 years due to Post Herpetic Neuralgia . This pain occurred daily, sometimes, many times a day. The Mihealth device from NES was used over my shoulder for 10 minutes and I was relieved of these pain spells for 2 days! I actually slept for 2 nights without being woken up by pain. After a second experience with the Mihealth, I went for 2 weeks before a pain spell came back. I am so grateful for this device as I have tremendously reduced my need for oral pain relievers and with weekly exposure to the frequency medicine, I am experiencing a much better quality of life with such a reduction in my pain.”!

Dolores A. Orange County, CA

“I was training for a marathon when my knee pain started. It was difficult to continue my training as with every step, the sharp pains were getting worse. I had the exposure to the MiHealth device for just 10 minutes and ran PAIN FREE for 2 weeks!”

Sarah B. Southern CA

“My wife’s hand has been crippled for many years from surgeries and nerve damage. She was exposed to the MIhealth and after one treatment, picked up a glass of water without even realizing it. She hadn’t used that hand in years! She is looking forward to what more exposure to this holistic approach will bring in her healing journey.”

Alan D. Southern CA

“The NES system scan revealed emotions that I needed to address that were affecting my body and spirit at the energetic level. This awareness has helped me release so much. The Mihealth and infoceuticals have assisted in clearing my energetic and informational distortions. a I am so excited that I found NES to guide me through my healing journey.”

Jen N. Alabama