Financial Wellness

Let me share a brief history of my career. I am the founder of Skye Medical Consulting, LLC , which focuses on bringing “Clinical and Financial Wellness ” to my clients. My focus has been with Healthcare professionals for the past 12 + years, but is rapidly expanding to all individuals, families and professionals with a need for financial strategies that include “Living Benefits” and “TAX Free Income for life.”

I look forward to meeting with you to customize a program that meets your needs and goals for financial protection and TAX FREE retirement income strategies.

It’s important to be aware of America’s National Debt & Deficit and how this growing problem will likely impact your retirement savings.

Will inflation and rising costs cripple us at retirement? Where will tax rates be when we retire? Is our current retirement strategy safe from risk if current market conditions take a volatile downturn?

I educate and specialize in Life Insurance products that can bring stability, flexibilty and growth, with NO RISK of loss. Some products have the potential to provide a TAX FREE income stream you won’t outlive!

  • Fixed and Indexed Annuities
  • Term, Whole and Indexed Universal Life Policies.
  • Did you know that 48% of small businesses fail and 70% of mortgage foreclosures are due to a critical illness?

    Our Life insurance products include ” LIVING BENEFITS” at no extra cost. You can access your death benefit, while your still living, to offset the financial burden of an illness. “LIFE HAPPENS!”, be protected and be prepared!

  • Long Term Care
  • Chronic Illness
  • Critical Illness
  • Terminal Illness
  • Contact me today to customize a plan to support your needs and goals.

    Enjoy these short 2 minute videos on financial concepts you need to know about!

    Compound interest: It may be compound, but it's NOT complex! Learn more about how compound interest can be your best friend if it's working for you, and devastating if it's working against you!

    Procrastinating is one of the most damaging things you can do when it comes to your retirement savings. But there is still time, and the best time to start planting that seed is today!