Clinical Wellness

Our clinical services are not only patient care centered, they also have an opportunity to add a revenue stream to the practitioner. Aligning ourselves with NES Health, which is using the revolutionary science that focuses on the core principle that energy and information control biology, allows for a TOTAL wellness system.

As a medical consultant for the past 12 plus years, I get to help Health professionals and their patients with products and services that bring a valuable holistic approach to healing. I want to thank my clients and friends for continuing to place their trust in me to protect what they value most. It is the “why” I wake up each morning and do what I do.

Skye Medical Consulting is always staying ahead of the curve when it comes to “Clinical Wellness”

NES Health USABio Energy Medicine. We provide holistic energy scans of your body through NES Health Bio-Energentic Medicine. These systems help restore your energy flow so that you can heal more quickly and feel better faster. Download our Free Report to learn how this break-through technology can help.

​Contact me for a free energetic assessment and demonstration of this cutting edge technology. Click here for more information about NES Health.