Attain Total Wellness With Revolutionary Products And Services

Whether you are an individual with medical needs, an organization looking for a robust health and income insurance package covering for your employees, or a health practitioner looking for a platform to provide quality health service and also make it a good source of income, Skye Medical Consulting is the right place for you. We are all out to achieve and incorporate great improvement in clinical and business outcomes for all our clients.

The business arm of our consulting focuses on creating a comprehensive financial protection plan covered under a single umbrella.  This is achieved by creating permanent life insurance policies which covers death benefits, tax free retirement income, and living benefits. We have developed a perfect working relationship with top Aflac supplemental policies, and we are able to offer a complete coverage to enable organizations to offer their employees income policies which pay out cash benefits at group rates.

Clinical services at Skye Medical consulting are great and well-coordinated as well. In our bid to provide our clients the best clinical care and the improved solutions to various illness and diseases, we have teamed up with several experts in the health and wellness field. One of them is NES Health which has created a very effective total wellness system that we have utilized to treat various medical conditions and terminal illnesses. If you’ve been having a hard time monitoring and managing a particular system, reprieve has come your way because with the revolutionary products by NES Health, all your health needs will be properly diagnosed and the appropriate medical treatment will be commenced.

Skye Medical Consulting thrives on employing the most technologically advanced medical products and services out there. We are here to make sure your overall health and energy level is where it is supposed to be.  You deserve to live an enjoyable and healthy life, not one filed with pain and sickness, and we are ready to help you achieve that.

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