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The Wellness Connector TV

Barb Dufault

As Founder of Skye Medical Consulting, I am always seeking the best products and services that add value both clinically and to my customer’s bottom line. I seek to “IMPROVE CLINICAL & BUSINESS OUTCOMES”!

My business services include Permanent Life Insurance policies which offer my customers a complete financial protection plan under one umbrella. Death benefit, living benefits and a TAX FREE retirement income stream within one policy. I have aligned myself with the top carriers in the country, some in business over 165 years and 6 billion growth in the last 5 years!

My clinical services are not only patient care centered, they also have an opportunity to add a revenue stream to the practitioner.

Aligning myself with NES Health, which is using the revolutionary science that focuses on the core principle that energy and information control biology, allows for a TOTAL wellness system. Bio-Energetic Medicine has been in practice for over 10 years in Europe and Australia and fortunately is expanding into the US. The NES SYSTEM will ReAssess the body, we use ProVision, which scans the body to reveal our energy field on the computer screen, We then can ReJuvenate the energy flow of the body using the MiHealth hand held biofeedback device, Infoceuticals are used to Re-Imprint the proper information your body needs to promote healing and NesTrition helps to ReBuild the body’s physiology. One demonstration and you can “FEEL IT” working.